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The Reading & The Room

Six authors read in the lovely Garden District lounge at Bo’s Kitchen & Bar Room.

The Hard Truth & The Simple Truth
in honor of Kweli Journal, by Pete Marzulli

Finding the common denominators among the likes and dislikes of six people can prove difficult, though Pete managed to find some intersections. While there were a couple of whisky drinkers, almost all of the readers said they like rum (if not specifically, then because they like mojitos, or because they “never met a booze they didn’t like). And almost all of them like fruity and/or tropical flavors. Dear whiskey-only lover: we’re hoping the fact that you may not want too much alcohol when you read and that you’re fond of ginger will allow you to enjoy the non-alcoholic version of the #KweliCocktail, if rum is really against your drinking religion.


Open Mic Readers:

Monica Nguyễn & Virginia Lowman

Rapid-Fire Q&A

Meet the Authors