#YeahYouWrite Catskill
thoughtfully designed by Sammy Karachi

  • Color of Water? for Scott Edward Anderson & Wine-Dark Sea
  • Catskill Mountain High for Sara Lippmann & Lech
  • Animalia or Just Us for Stephanie Barber & Trial in the Woods
  • Life Notes for Laurie Stone & Streaming Now: Postcards from the Thing that Is Happening

Our installation featured framed book covers, books, bookmarks, dozens of #LiteraryCocktail & Mocktail recipes, rapid-fire questions, menus, hundreds of images in collage and projected, and three lovely ladies sporting #YeahYouWrite garb. Howard Better’s stunning collage art further enhanced our space: it is seen hanging from the ceiling in the reading room and a trio of custom #YeahYouWrite pieces graced our bookshelves and the doorway between the two rooms. Thank you Howard!

Open Mic Readers:

  • Debbie Smith from the novel, Parrot Tales by Debbie & Michael Smith
  • Judith Braun from her chapbook Yes, I Have No Reservations
  • Marianne Shaneen read her poem “Artificial Moon”
Meet the Authors
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