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The Reading & The Room

We love the space at Someday Bar in Brooklyn! Many thanks to Megan Rickerson for hosting us, and to Kelly and Justin for helping us rearrange furniture and for serving drinks and food with aplomb.

by Megan Rickerson

In honor of our inclusion in the Brooklyn Book Festival as a Bookend event, Megan created the Eendraght Maeckt Maght*, aka The Bookend, sourced from Brooklyn ingredients—Fort Hamilton Trippy Tea Gin and Annie Witherspoon’s Lavender Simple Syrup. Valerie Fedowich, a loyal #YeahYouWrite fan, introduced the drink to the audience and gave it a rave review.

  • Cold Fire for Terese Svoboda & Dog on Fire 
  • Subtext for James Frankie Thomas & Idlewild
  • Destiny for Daniel Magariel & Walk the Darkness Down
  • Link for Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah & Chain Gain All-Stars

* Eendraght Maeckt Maght is the motto of Brooklyn, NY, from the Dutch. It means, “In unity, there is strength.” Support our community members, the good folks at Annie Witherspoon by shopping here.

Open Mic Readers:

Austin Grossman is the author of the novels Soon I Will Be Invincible, YOU, and Crooked: your ex-boyfriend is a big fan.
What’s great about Brooklyn? It could be so much worse.

Matt Sack is still bummed he didn’t order the cheese curds last time he came to Someday Bar for YeahYouWrite, so he has returned to read at another Open Mic, with the hopes that he will feel proud enough of himself afterwards to order a celebratory plate.

Matt’s favorite thing about Brooklyn: The dysfunction of the Brooklyn Nets makes the Knicks’ dysfunction a bit more tolerable.

Sue Mell‘s debut novel, Provenance, was an Indie Fiction Pick, and she has two other award-winning books: a collection of short essays, Giving Care, and her forthcoming story collection, A New Day. Find her at

The best thing about Brooklyn: As someone who grew up in Flushing, the first answer that comes to mind is: it’s not Queens! But Queens is pretty cool these days, so I can’t really get behind that one anymore. So I’d have to say that what’s great about Brooklyn—besides the food, the independent bookstores, and BAM—is the fine view of the Statue of Liberty from Red Hook.

Amy Grech is a prolific author—she’s sold over 100 short stories to notable horror anthologies—Alien Buddha Press recently published her poetry chapbook, A Shadow of Your Former Self. Here’s her website.

Celebrate Brooklyn in Prospect Park is the best thing about Brooklyn.

Sally Frances is now working on the 9th draft of her novel, sally is a retired trauma psychotherapist.

Her favorite thing about Brooklyn: Her beloved Carroll Gardens neighborhood is a cornucopia of creativity from theater, art and music, international cuisine, modern and traditional architecture to street fairs.

Liane Smith read from “Eduardo,” originally published in Funny Pearls – Humor by Women.

John Brandon discussed Brooklyn and theatre.

Rapid-Fire Q&A

In honor of our inclusion as a Brooklyn Book Festival Bookend event, our authors shared their favorite book’s ends:

Daniel read the end of one story in Small Things Like These by Claire Keegan. He also recommends her book Foster.

James read the final paragraph of The Talented Mr. Ripley by Patricia Highsmith.

Terese shared final words from Jeffrey Renard Allen’s new story collection, Fat Time.

Nana read beautiful words from a book whose title escapes us for the moment. TBA!

Meet the Authors